Sewing room with early 1900's spinning wheel and treadle sewing machine.Stoughton Museum Sewing Room


Early 1900's kitchen with dry sink, ice box and vacuum cleaner (used for both cleaning and drying hair!)Stoughton Museum Early Kitchen


Early 1900's one room school display with German study chair and a map of country schools that then existed in the Stoughton School District.Stoughton Museum Early School


Printing room with hand printing press from high school plus spoon and spade awards from Stoughton High School.Stoughton Museum Printing Room


Early 1900's Doctor's office with Dr. Keenan's examining table, fluoroscope and other medical apparatus.  Also displayed is a sleeping mask, used to prevent snoring, invented and manufactured in Stoughton.Stoughton Museum Early Doctors Office


A 1925 fire truct manufactured by Stoughton Wagon Works.  Originally purchased new by the Dousman, WI Fire Department.Stoughton Museum 1925 Fire Truck


Founders of Stoughton:  Luke Stoughton and his wife Eliza Page Stoughton.  Among the items on display are their family bible and Luke's straight edge razor.Stoughton Museum Stoughton Family


Dellette and Luella, two of Luke and Eliza's four daughters.Stoughton Museum Stoughton Daughters


Early 1900's general store.  On display are:  a hand coffee grinder, soda bottles from the Stoughton Bottling Company and a late 1800's business ledger from Stoughton's Falk Drug Store.Stoughton Museum General Store


Late 1800's parlor with soap stone stove and furniture of daily life.  The grandfather clock was hand made by local gunsmith Elmer Maurer.  The rosemaled Norwegian trunk dates to 1834.Stoughton Museum A-04a


Per Lysne display, Lysne worked at the Wagon Works decorating finished wagon boxes with decorative striping.  He is credited for reintroducing rosemaling in the Stoughton area.  The candle holders are painted by the nationally known rosemaler Ethal Kvalheim.Stoughton Museum Per Lysne


Military uniform dislay, spanning the Civil War to the present (donated by local residents).Stoughton Museum Military


The 1800's funeral mourning display.  Custom required women to mourn the loss of their husband for one year.  Stoughton Museum Mourning


The Stoughton Museum entrance (former Universalist Church).Stoughton Museum Entrance






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