AS I HEARD IT  (Kegonsa Tuna)

When I first arrived the in the Stoughton area, I lived with my Dad on Lake Kegonsa and frequented Sunnyside Beach Resort tavern.  Ansel Severson the proprietor was always good for a story or two.

I watched the DNR Carp seiners work the lake with their nets and transport their catch to the “carp pens” up the river.  Once there, they were netted and put into aerated trucks and transported to final destinations, possibly mink farmers (had quite a few back then) or shipped live to Chicago or New York.

Ansel once told me they called our carp Kegonsa Tuna (ha ha ha), then he showed me, on the shelf of his store, several “tuna type” cans and, really, the label said “Kegonsa Tuna, caught in Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton, WI.”  I guess I should believe it when I see it.

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